8/11/11 at Citi Field

I was invited to this game by Citi to speak at a kids event so I was super pumped to snag some baseballs.

Because of the event I wasn’t able to attend BP, but that was okay because there wasn’t any batting practice at all (ha ha).

I found out my seats were nine rows back from the ball boy so I was pretty much guaranteed to get a ball from him (by the way if you are ever at Citi Field, the red head kid on the field who is also the first base ball boy, his name is Anthony. And the batboy is Jimmy).

So anyways I moved up to the second row so I could beat the other kids to it. But there was one problem– the box seats made me even farther away from the ball boy.

So when I asked him for a ball he replied,”not right now, but maybe later alright?”

At least I Had a chance at getting something.

So after that I got so hot(and hungry)that I had to leave the seats. So I got some food and right as I was about to take my first bite Jesus Guzman ripped a foul ball down the first base line, abalone, that would have been mine.

So now I was scared that I would be shut out but in the sixth inning, Nick Evans made the last out and when he was jogging in I called out to him and he flipped me the ball!

Yes! I was done. I didn’t want to try for anything else.

But the mets lost and that’s all that matters(haha).

1 ball at this game
5 consecutive games with a ball
11 balls all time.

By the way my mygameballs.com profile is JRBHAWK.

See you soon.



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